Car Cigarette Lighter Splitter Adapter

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Got too many car gadgets, cell phone chargers, LED lights, and Bluetooth adapters that al seem to hog the cigarette lighter in your car? We know!!! Now you can power all your devices and even USB devices too, and ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! 

    This cigarette lighter splitter extend your car cigarette lighter from 1 to 2 sockets. Provide a total power up to 120W, enough for various high-power automotive appliances, such as GPS, Dash Cam, Sat Nav, Radar Detection, Car Fridge, Vacuum Cleaner, and Heated Seats, etc..

    Equipped with 4-Port USB charging ports and 2 cigarette lighter sockets, which provide 6A and 120W in total. The built-in smart IC technology can detect all connected devices and deliver the optimal charging speed. Fast charge 4 devices simultaneously in your 12V/24V vehicles.

    The car charger splitter will stop working automatically when there is danger of Overcharging/ Over Heating / Shorting / Overcurrent / Overvoltage with build-in 10A fuse and Smart IC.

    All the sockets are manufactured in accordance with international standards, Universal for 12-24V vehicles, adapt to main stream vehicle types such as cars, SUVs, trucks, off-road and can fit for multiple car appliances like Dash Cam, GPS, Sat Nav, Seat Heater, Car Humidifier, Car Fan etc.