How To Play Electric Guitar

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Who wants to know how to play guitar? Uh, EVERYBODY, am I right? Have you or someone you know always wanted to learn how to play the electric guitar? Are you a complete beginner and need help getting started? This book will pave the way!

Playing the guitar is a fun and entertaining pastime which many people enjoy and many more would love to learn. Whether you would like to learn it for fun, social interaction or even to play in a band imitating some of your guitar heroes, it is something that once learned will stay with you forever.

Now, with this book, How to Play Electric Guitar, you can go from being a total novice to someone who is able to pick out a tune and entertain others, through chapters that offer help with:

  • Guitar parts and types of guitars
  • Tuning and metronome
  • Reading chords, diagrams and tabs
  • Body posture and hand position
  • Playing chords
  • Practicing songs
  • And much more...

Complete with all the basics of tuition, how to read music and playing songs with audio recordings, this comprehensive guide is ideal for any beginner, even if you've never held a guitar before.

Get a copy of How to Play Electric Guitar today and uncover the talent hidden within!