How To Play Bass - Bass Basic Workout (Pocket Edition)

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Who wants to know how to play an instrument? Uh, EVERYBODY, am I right? Playing the bass is a fun and entertaining pastime which many people enjoy and many more would love to learn.

The Bass is fundamental to all forms of music, and being a versatile and accomplished player has never been so important. This pocket-sized guide to the Bass provides you with everything you need to develop a comprehensive knowledge of your instrument and the music you play on it.

Starting with the basics of tuning up and finding your way around the fretboard, the book then presents a series of tutorials covering:

  • All aspects Notation and Tablature
  • How to form an effective practice schedule
  • The basics of major/minor diatonic harmony
  • Left hand accuracy and exercises
  • Phrasing techniques including slurs, trills, bending and vibrato
  • Playing fingerstyle, muting and the travelling thumb
  • Slap Bass - how it works and when to use it
  • Playing with a pick
  • How to arrange and transcribe

You will even find a section covering the bass itself, how to buy an instrument and what to look for in your own price range. Soon you will find yourself accomplished and confident in a large variety of musical situations.

Width: 4.00
Length: 5.75
Pages: 120