(2 Pack) 5" and 10" Contour Gauge Duplication Profile Saker Tool Set

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A great gift idea and the perfect addition to every DIY'ers tool arsenal! Perfect for fathers gadgets/gifts, handymen, painters, carpentry, remodeling, molding, carving, and more! This multi-functional contour gauge is a great gift idea and en ever useful tool! Can also be useful with measuring baseboard, holes, odd shapes, lathe, duct, design measures, and many home improvements.

PACK OF TWO - One 5 inch Contour Profile Gauge with magnets and one 10.5 inch Contour Profile Gauge with 5.2 inch widen with magnets. Also included is FREE GIFT - Two Pencils

PRECISE SHAPE DUPLICATION - The contour duplicator gauge / angle finder tool can be used to easily copy or duplicate any profile or shape for woodworking, tile flooring, or linoleum installation. The contour tool can also be used to track irregular objects or replicate the shape of moldings around pipes and door casings giving you an instant template / depth gauge.

MATERIAL – The shape contour gauge duplicator tool is made from high quality ABS plastic. Both gauges are sturdy, lightweight and will hold the original shape being duplicated while working without scratching. Both marking gauges have centimeter and inch scale measurements including size marks on both sides of units. Both plastic E-Z gauges / Angle Gauges have magnets on them to make working on car bodies easier.

MULTI-USE APPLICATION - Both of the master outline Saker gauge tool set can be used to track and measure winding pipes, ducts, circular frames, and many other objects; Tile measuring tool is ideal for laminate, fitting tiles, molding, carpet, flooring, and especially operations on vehicles to take advantage of magnets included on contour duplication gauge / marking gauge woodworking.
Included in Package: (1) 10.5 inch contour gauge with magnets and (1) 5 inch contour gauge with magnets. Also comes with Free gift for limited time. 2-pencils for accurately marking shapes and measurements. 
Instructions on How to Use a Contour Gauge:
1.  Press the pins against the object that your wood will be joined with.  This creates a “template” of sorts for you to make the cut.
2.  Next, trace the outline on the wood that you need to fit with the object (maybe it’s a post, some trim, or any other object that you need to work around)
3.  Finally, you are ready to make the cut with either a jig saw, band saw, or hand coping saw.