String Instrument Fingertip Guards for Beginners (12 pcs.)

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Finger soreness is a thing of the past for beginners learning to play ANY string instrument. 12 piece set guitar fingertip guards (4-small size, 4-medium size, and 4-large size) great for protecting your fingers when you play the acoustic or electric guitar, bass, ukulele, violin, banjo, and more. Suitable for the guitar beginners. 

Made of elastic silicone, soft and comfortable to wear. Porous design with good air permeability. Non-slip inside to help strengthen with a limited slip effect. Anti-slip, finger pain resistance, cold-proof and sweat proof.

We recommend alternating playing with and without finger guards to help fingertips slowly adapt and build callouses over time. These guards also allow you to continue with a more comfortable playing experience after fingertips have become too sensitive from practice.

Please note: Guards do tend to slightly mute the sound of the string.