Gravity Electric Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

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Who's got time to be getting carpal tunnel from cranking a salt and pepper grinder all day long? Another great gift for your at-home-chef, the gift of convenience in one heck of an attractive grinder.

These gravity enabled grinders are super easy to use. Simply invert the grinder, then it will grind salt and seasonings automatically! There's also a blue LED light, to help you see what you're grinding! This makes it very handy when using with mood lighting... hubba hubba. 

A powerful motor with a solid and durable ceramic grinding core allow these battery operated grinders to grind seasoning in seconds, and is easily and effortlessly operated with only one hand. Premium stainless steel and acrylic body with a modern and elegant design will match any kitchen or dining table and design.

With an adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism, this salt and pepper grinder can easily grind sea salts, pepper, chili flakes, white peppercorns, red pepper flakes, and other spices.

Each grinder require 6 AAA Batteries (Batteries not included).
Maximum capacity for the salt mill: 180g / 6.3 oz; Whole black pepper: 90g / 3.1 oz. (Salt and pepper not included)