Spirograph Deluxe Set

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Create your own awesome geometric shapes and designs with this Spirograph Deluxe Set! Set includes: 15 wheel gears, 2 ring gears, 1 rack, 4 shaped wheel gears, 3 design pens with 3 colors, 1 viscose, 1 guide book, 1 drawing book and A4 paper.

This spirograph drawing ruler set can create hundreds and thousands of fascinating patterns with distinctive interlocking gears and wheels. The included design guide includes product details, basic pattern guide, design key, complex pattern guide, and so on. Also includes 3 coloring pens and enough paper for your creative trial. Time to trace out the curves and turn your imagination into beautiful art.

It is super easy to learn and use this magic drawing ruler to create magic geometric shapes and patterns. Just place one of the small wheels inside the big ring, hold vertically the pen to the paper and move the pen along the curve, then let the magic appear. 

Anyone can draw elegant, beautiful spiral artwork! This set is great for students, designers, artists, etc. Great drawing and drafting tools for home, school, office and more. Great gift idea for anyone, birthdays, thank you gifts, or even that gift to enhance your own creative imagination!