Violin Finger Guides for Beginners (4/4 Size Only)

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The perfect gift for that future rock star on your gift list! Now they can have everything they need to start playing, right out of the box. Music is fun. Music is exciting. Music helps children grow and makes them smarter. Practicing the guitar can be less than fun sometimes. This notion is amplified (see what we did there) when you are constantly fighting the instrument. These bass guitars remove the barriers that make kids want to quit.

Learn how to play violin or fiddle using our first position violin finger guide that goes right on your fingerboard. Find the note locations on your instrument and sheet music at the same time. You can play scales and easy violin songs. Fretless Finger Guides take the mystery out of the fingerboard.

Easy on, easy off. Installs in seconds, no need to loosen the strings. This one piece reusable clear cling vinyl finger guide uses no glues or adhesive. Clings to itself not to your fingerboard. Shows first position naturals, sharps and flats. You will learn note locations on your violin fingerboard and how to read violin sheet music with our color coded system.

Accurately develop finger memory using the color coded learning method. Includes complete instructions for how to put the guide on and how to start learning to play violin.  Fretless Finger Guides website provides new and beginning violinists with free color coded sheet music, scales, instructional videos and more.  

Beginner violinists find the guide and system to be a high value learning tool. Peel it off, put it on and play.