Banjolele Starter Kit (Concert Size 4 String Banjo-Ukulele)

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The perfect gift for that budding musician to have them strumming and flatpicking in no time! Now they can have everything they need to start playing, right out of the box. Learning to play an instrument can be a fun and exciting journey, but with all the many options and possible accessories, knowing what equipment you need can be a bit intimidating. Skip the hassle and focus on your playing with this complete  Banjolele Starter Pack! Comes complete with carrying bag, tuner, strap, strings, pickup, ruler, wrench, and bridge!

The banjolele 's drum head is made of polyester that's flexible with a quick response. Equipped with superior Aquila Strings from Italy and high quality closed geared tuners, this banjolele can not only produce a bright and percussive tone, but also get accurate intonation and stay in tune.

Low action makes this banjolele very comfortable for beginners, meaning they don't have to press so hard to get the notes to sound. Preset with truss rod inside the neck, players can also adjust the action with the included wrench as needed. Smooth buffed fretboard and neat fret wires also offer comfortable touch and protect those valuable musician's hands.

This banjolele has various playing methods. It can be in a traditional resonator style or an open back style (by detaching back). Traditional resonator style produces a mellower, softer sound while the open back style has a brighter sound. The package also comes with a piezo pickup that can connect the recording equipment for stage performance, which makes this banjolele a super playable and multifunctional musical instrument.