How to Draw - Simple Techniques for Realistic Drawings

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Straight from our "How to" Book Collection, this How to Draw Simple Techniques for Realistic Drawings is a MUST have for anyone entering into the fantastic world of drawing! 

Artist and art instructor Leonardo Pereznieto’s realistic surfaces and textures—and his popular instructional YouTube videos on how to recreate them—have earned him millions of views and a devoted fan base. Now, for the first time, this international sensation brings his amazing skills to the page, teaching his drawing technique in 18 accessible, in-depth projects for beginning and seasoned artists alike.

With detailed recommendations on proper tools and materials along with step-by-step tutorials for drawing lifelike surfaces and textures such as metals, gemstones, flowers, water, glass, and more, this stunning book gives deeper insight into the process of drawing astounding, true-to-life images.