Complete Book of the Microscope

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  • Complete Book of The Microscope explores objects and organisms that can be viewed with a microscope and discusses various kinds of microscopes and microscopy techniques.
  • It is our size that shapes and limits the universe we see. That's why every child ought to have access to a good microscope. If we were the size of ants, we could stand on water and we wouldn't notice the stars at all, but dust and pollen would be the size of baseballs and it would be easy to distinguish all the different types. To an ant-sized human a red blood cell would be... well, ant-sized, and even bacteria might be visible in good light. A vast landscape of marvelous things is hidden from us because of our size. Microscopes can change that. To a child with a microscope, this book provides tips for what to look at, how to prepare and stain specimens, and where to find accessories. To a child without one, this book may be the next best thing with its hundreds of brilliantly colored images of everything from fleas to the atoms of which they are made.
  • Internet links through the publisher provide child-safe access to a continuously renewed supply of images. Curious grown-ups will have almost as much fun as the kids.