DuraHook 26-Piece Pegboard Hook and Bin Assortment (24-Hooks and 2-Bins)

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The DuraHook 76901 is a 26-piece hook and hanging bin assortment kit. It contains the first double locking pegboard hooks with new and useful styles including spring clips, Extended Spring Clip, double loop hooks and Bin Clip (s) to mount Plastic Hanging Bins on pegboard.

Hooks styles are: (3) 1 in. Single Rod 30 Degree Bend; (2) 2-1/2 in. Single Rod 30 Degree Bend; (1) 6 in. Single Rod 30 Degree Bend; (2) Pliers/Wrench Holder; (2) 2-3/4 in. Double Rod 80 Degree Bend; (1) 5-3/4 in. Double Rod 80 Degree Bend; (2) Extended Spring Clip; (1) Standard Spring Clips; (1) Double Ring Tool Holder; (2) Curved Hook; (2) 2-3/4 in. Double U-Shape; (1) Spring Clip/Can Holder; (1) 5 in. Double Closed End Loop; (1) Multi-Prong Tool Holder; (2) Bin Clip; and (2) Plastic Hanging Bins.

  • Unique DuraHook styles along with lock Bin Plastic Hanging Bins & Bin clips can handle any pegboard storage requirement
  • Innovative double locking system locks the hook in place with a locking tab that mounts to the pegboard from the front
  • Use on any 1/8 in. or 1/4 in. thick pegboard or tool board
  • Hooks mount vertically and horizontally in 4 distinct positions allowing the use of multiple hooks for large, heavy and odd-shaped items
  • Fixtures install from the front, no need to remove the board for installation or repositioning