Single Hand 35 Key Gaming Keypad

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For those who really take their gaming SERIOUSLY! Ergonomic design for a comfortable feel and long time play with less fatigue. 8 different lighting effects (mixed light (default) + seven monochromatic lights) and a 35 key mechanical keyboard feel with a convenient portable design. Optimized keyboard layout for straight up gaming! Wear-resistant anti-slip bottom.

Simple function hotkeys for lighting effects:

Press FN+F3 to switch the lighting effect
FN+F4:Wave/Colorful Horse Race: Colorful color gradient water, default wave mode. Press again to enter the colorful cycle horse racing mode
FN+F5: Turn on/off the lighting effect
Press FN+6 to adjust - the speed of streamer becomes slow
Press FN+5 to adjust - the speed of streamer becomes faster.

Macro Recording:

Press FN+ESC for about 3 seconds- the backlight will flashing- get ready for recording.
After recording, press FN+F1 to store, the backlight stops flashing.
Press FN+F1 to play the corresponding content.
F2 recording in the above order, press FN+ESC button for about 3 seconds at the same time, the backlight flashes, and press the characters to be recorded as needed
Clear the recorded button, press FN+ESC to flash the light, press FN+F1/F2 to directly clear the corresponding recorded button.


Interface: USB
Plug and play: Support
Connection with computer: Wired
Number of keys: 35 keys (full keys without conflict)
Voltage/Current: 5V/100mA
Size : (L) 17.3 cm * (W) 23 cm * (H) 3.7 cm
Upper and Lower Cover Material : ABS Injection Molding Material
Button no punch : Support