Meguiar's Ultimate Results Car Cleaning Kit

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Have any gearheads on your gift list? This Meguiar's Ultimate Car Cleaning Bundle is a car enthusiast's dream! This kit will give them everything they need to wash, clean, polish, protect and maintain their true love! 

Meguiars Ultimate Wax is the most advanced, pure synthetic hydrophobic wax. The thin-film technology makes the application simple, even in full sun conditions. Combine this wax with the other items in the Meguiar's bundle to achieve shine, both inside and out. The wash and shine leaves a deep glossy finish. The polish gives a deep-reflection and hi-gloss coat, while the compound is a clarity restorer. The liquid wax, with amplified reflectivity, supports the protectant for a superior barrier and gloss that lasts for several weeks. The cleaner is streak-free, and the black detailer is for restoring plastic. The kit also includes towels. Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax Bundle has a full range of products needed to keep anyone's car looking its best.


Ultimate Results Car Care Bundle Includes: 

  • Ultimate Series Wash and Wax that leaves a deep glossy finish
  • Ultimate Series Compound Color and Clarity Restorer to bring back automobiles original shine 
  • Ultimate Series Polish Pre-Waxing Glaze for a deep reflection and hi-gloss
  • Ultimate Series Liquid Wax with amplified reflectivity is Meguiar's most advanced, pure synthetic hydrophobic wax
  • Ultimate Series Quick Detailer with hydrophobic polymer technology beads water relentlessly
  • Ultimate Series Interior Protectant for superior protection and shine that last weeks and weeks
  • Ultimate Series Plastic Restorer makes exterior look like new
  • Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner for a thorough clean that is streak-free
  • Towels, Washing Mitt, Waxing Pads, and Shammy Cloth