Heavy Duty Wall Hooks (8-Pack)

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Know anyone needing to shape up the look of their garage? It's time for them to throw away those flimsy garage hooks that can't hold heavy tools and have limited functionality and get this 8 pack of solidly constructed strong-steel hooks that can take the weight of both small and large objects. Reduce the clutter and add more space in any garage, garden shed, warehouse or kitchen without worry!

Solid steel construction of our garage and garden tool organizer ensures that these hanging hooks are more than strong enough to last a lifetime and to bear whatever bulky items you hang in them - may they be folded chairs, ladders, power tools, bicycles, garden tools or lawn tools. Each hook has an impeccable capacity of up to 40 pounds!

Rustproof coating and corrosion resistant for added protection and guaranteed lifetime use of these garage organizers wall for tools.
The anti-skid cover prevents any of your tools from falling off while they've been secured in place. The cover also creates a protective barrier between the steel-material of the hook and your tool, preventing any friction.

These hooks are easy to work with 
and fit neatly on any type of wall, including drywall and wall stud, making installation as effortless as possible.

Comes with 32 sets of screws
 for your custom needs.

Width between hooks:
 approx. 2 inches

Back plate: 1.57 inches wide, 2.56 inches high

  • Set of 8 rust-resistant, sturdy utility hooks made from high quality materials and heavy duty solid steel that will last for a long time; each heavy duty wall hook is protected with rust resistant coating and can hold up to 40 lbs
  • Comes in multiple sizes, this set of hooks for hanging can hold tools of different sizes and weight. The plate design makes it easy to hold heavy items, such as shovel, broom, bicycle, and weed eater, etc., making it them a reliable garage organizer
  • Anti-skid cover keeps tools intact so you’ll never have to worry about your garage or garden tools falling off again. Each hook comes with 2 different sets of screws that fit drywall, wall stud and other wall types